San'Quan Prioleau

san-KWON pry-OH-low

Frontend Engineer

I'm a frontend engineer with a decade of design experience. I thrive at the intersection of engineering and visual design. I love finding creative ways to use my skills to build experiences that delight.

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My Story

My professional journey has been an exciting transformation of skills and passions. It began at Chevron, where I spent 7 years as a Drilling Engineer while running a successful graphic design business on the side.

In January 2019, I fully embraced my love for design and problem solving and joined Dartmouth College to take on Frontend Engineering tasks. I was drawn to Frontend Engineering because it is a perfect fusion of my design and web development interests.

My enthusiasm for web development grew and in August 2022, I embarked on a new adventure at BlueChip Financial as a Frontend Engineer. Here, I have the pleasure of designing and building software using modern web technologies like React and TypeScript to enrich the lives of our users.

Every step of this journey has been purposeful, propelling me towards a fulfilling career where I can combine my passion for design with my technical expertise in Frontend Engineering. I'm eager to embrace new challenges and continue making a positive impact on people through delightful software that is a joy to use.

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Project Kudos

Selected Work

  • is a link shortener powered by emojis. It is a modern full-stack application that incorporates route middlewares, a database ORM, API routes, a cron job and more.

    • Next.js

    • TypeScript

    • React

  • Kudosu

    A mobile-first ad-free Sudoku game for puzzle-solving enthusiasts. This game is a clone of Killer Sudoku by and is easily installable as a progressive web app to mobile devices.

    • React

    • TypeScript

  • Dartmouth Dining Menu

    Designed and built a custom online dining menu experience to serve Dartmouth students. This site has rich set of features (including search, favorites and images) over and above the standard vendor-provided website and averages 5.8k visits per week.

    • React

    • API

    • Sass

  • Entitease

    A stylish, statically generated HTML entity lookup. See the entities alongside their corresponding HTML and CSS code for reference. Copy any symbol or reference code with a click or tap.

    • React

    • Next.js

    • Server-side rendering

    • Sass

  • Code Adorn - A Carbon Clone

    Make your code beautiful. This project incorporates options for a user to select their language, syntax highlighting color scheme, and background color. Just type directly into the code window, select your language and see your in all its glory.

    • React

    • Redux

    • Sass

  • HTML Color Swatches

    The most beautiful way to see colors in context. This project is a reference for HTML colors (viewed as Pantone-like swatches). It combines Next.js static site generation with the Unsplash API to bring images that match the selected swatch.

    • Next.js

    • Web scraping

  • Pretty Page

    Take pixel-perfect screenshots of any website. This project employs serverless functions to handle creating a customizable webpage screenshot. It uses a headless browser to take a screenshot and composites it with custom graphics and a user-selected background color.

    • Headless Browser

    • Next.js

Relevant Skills

Web Design

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Figma


  • Express

  • GraphQL

  • Hasura

  • JavaScript

  • Next.js

  • Node

  • React

  • Sass

  • TypeScript

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