Hello, my name is

San'Quan Prioleau

I design and build things for the web.

I'm a frontend web developer with an eye for good design. I've worked as an engineer, graphic designer and user experience (UX) designer. I love combining ideas to create new things.

My Story

My professional career started at Chevron where I worked as an engineer for 7 years. While working as an engineer, I also ran a graphic design business on the side.

My interest in graphic design continued to grow and in January 2019, I transitioned into design full-time as a UX and Visual Designer at Dartmouth College.

In my role, I worked in Web Services and rediscovered the web as my canvas. I have since developed my skillset in web development through formal courses and on-the-job experience.

Today, I am a frontend web developer designing and building software with web technologies.

San'Quan Prioleau headshot


Selected Work

  • Dartmouth Dining Menu

    Designed and built a custom online dining menu experience to serve Dartmouth students. This site has rich set of features (including search, favorites and images) over and above the standard vendor-provided website and averages 5.8k visits per week.

    • React

    • API

    • Sass

  • Entitease

    A stylish, statically generated HTML entity lookup. See the entities alongside their corresponding HTML and CSS code for reference. Copy any symbol or reference code with a click or tap.

    • React

    • Next.js

    • Server-side rendering

    • Sass

  • Code Adorn - A Carbon Clone

    Make your code beautiful. This project incorporates options for a user to select their language, syntax highlighting color scheme, and background color. Just type directly into the code window, select your language and see your in all its glory.

    • React

    • Redux

    • Sass

  • Augmented Health Lab

    Explore the Augmented Health Lab at Dartmouth. This Webflow-powered website features a fully custom design from the logo to the deployed website. It has CMS collections and models one-to-many data relationships. Also included is the ability to filter people by their role.

    • Webflow

    • CMS

    • CSS

  • HTML Color Swatches

    The most beautiful way to see colors in context. This project is a reference for HTML colors (viewed as Pantone-like swatches). It combines Next.js static site generation with the Unsplash API to bring images that match the selected swatch.

    • Next.js

    • Web scraping

  • Pretty Page

    Take pixel-perfect screenshots of any website. This project employs serverless functions to handle creating a customizable webpage screenshot. It uses a headless browser to take a screenshot and composites it with custom graphics and a user-selected background color.

    • Headless Browser

    • Next.js

Other Work

2022Deekay Drops (SvelteKit)
2022DeeKay Drops (Remix)
2021Password Clarity
2021Structured Style
2020Statically Generated Blog
2019C19 Inside Scoop

Relevant Skills

Web Design

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe XD

  • Figma


  • Cypress

  • Jest


  • CSS

  • ES6

  • Express

  • Git

  • GraphQL

  • HTML

  • JavaScript

  • NPM

  • Next.js

  • Node

  • React

  • Redux

  • Sanity.io

  • Sass

  • Socket.io

  • TypeScript

Core Concepts

  • APIs

  • Async JS

Get in touch

You can find me at